Chevy Fullsize

   99-02 Billet A/C Knobs
   95-98 Billet A/C Knobs
   18” Stainless Antenna
   12” Stainless Antenna
   99-06 Billet Column Shifter
   95-98 Billet Manual Shifter
   99-06 Billet A/C Vent Kit
   99-06 Billet Door Lock Kit
   03-06 Billet Heat, A/C, Headlight Kit
   99-06 Billet Column Shifter 
           Includes Tow/Haul Button
   99-06 Billet Column Shifter 
           For truck with flip up dvd

    Chevy S-10
   98-03 Billet A/C Knobs
   94-97 Billet A/C Knobs
   18” Stainless Antenna
   12” Stainless Antenna
   98-03 Fat Manual Shifter
   94-97 Fat Manual Shifter
   82-93 Fat Manual Shifter
   Billet  Shift Knobs

   82-02 Billet Shifter Handle Knob
   97-02 Billet Heat, A/C, Headlight Kit

   Truck Billet A/C Knobs
   Truck Billet 4WD Knob
   Truck Billet Tilt Steering Lever
   18” Long Stainless Antenna
   12” Long Stainless Antenna

   18” Long Stainless Antenna
   12” Long Stainless Antenna

   Air Ride
   1/2" Aluminum Dump Valve Horns
   3/8" Aluminum Dump Valve Horns
  Billet Air System Manifold Blocks

Chevy Bowtie

   Chevy 1500
   Dodge Hemi
   Ford F150
   Ford F250
   Ford F350
   Ford Oval


Billet Manifold Blocks

Billet accessories  for Ford, Chevy, Dodge and GM

Billet Manifold Blocks
Machine finish manifold with
mounting plate, tank pressure gauge,
nickel plated fittings, and billet pipe
nipples (contact us if your interested
in a mounting plate to fit your valves,
or a complete air system kit:

 Billet Manifold Blocks
 Here is an image of the above 
installed on an actual truck. 
Much cleaner!

Machined finish manifold WITHOUT
fittings installed.
(see below)

Machine finished manifold
block WITH pipe fittings installed.
(see below)

These blocks will give you the cleanest looking air system around! They use 1/2" NPT for the fills and the dumps, and 1/4" NPT taps for your air pressure gauge lines. Get rid of those nasty rigged together pipe T's and fittings and replace them with one clean, simple manifold. You can use our billet pipe fittings to plumb your valves to the manifolds or some nice brass ones. Also check out the nickel plated brass push to connect air line fittings to finish off your installation. We have several different options for these manifolds so check them all out based on your price range and how you want to install them. A truck with a FBSS (8 valve) setup will need two of these blocks.

Machined Finish - No Fittings: $85.00 + s&h

Machined Finished - Fittings Installed: $100.00 + s&h

Polished Finish - No Fittings: $100.00 + s&h

Polished Finish - Fittings Installed: $115.00 + s&h

(see below)
Same as option three, 
but has a polished finish.